About VS Bank

VOLKSBANK PUBLIC JOINT-STOCK COMPANY was registered on October 10, 1991 (previously, up until September 2, 2008 – Electron Bank, Open Joint-Stock Company). Starting from April 2007, the Bank became part of the Volksbank International AG (Austria) group.

Over the all years, VOLKSBANK has shown a rapid, dynamic growth in the Ukrainian financial services marketplace, has significantly reinforced its positions, and has proved the image of a European bank.

The Bank’s corporate strategy is based on meeting the Client’s needs. The key emphasis is placed upon a wide spectrum of services offered, their versatility and quality, and upon putting of high-end technologies into practice. Over the last years, VOLKSBANK managed to substantially widen and update the product line while offering most-needed services and all-factored-in solutions.

Just as all other international banks, VOLKSBANK has a clear split of functions between the front office and back office, which increases the quality of customer service and contributes to risk reduction. The Bank’s corporate management structure is built upon a clear split-up into lines of business (corporate, retail, medium and small business, treasury) and support verticals (IT, operational support, organizational and efficiency management etc.).

The committed efforts towards improvement of banking services, widening the spectrum thereof, have become the basis for a material growth in the Bank’s customer base. The number of clients putting their trust in VOLKSBANK is growing continually. Those include private consumers, SME players, and major companies, altogether.

Clients and partners of VOLKSBANK learn a truly supreme banking servicing first-hand. The neat and streamlined customer service operations are secured through a wide use of breakthrough technological solutions.

The VOLKSBANK PJSC’s key performance indicators as of January 1, 2013:

  • Net worth – UAH 2.216 billion
  • Own equity – UAH 0.478 billion
  • Credit portfolio – UAH 1.517 billion
  • Deposit portfolio - UAH 0.800 billion

A material accomplishment is that today the Bank serves some 107,000 customer accounts and continues to put extensive effort into making its products accessible and affordable. Clients put their confidence in VOLKSBANK and that is the key indicator of the Bank’s successful operation and the highest mark of its performance. The focus on the interests and needs of the client is the VOLKSBANK’s recipe for success.

Owing to the diligent work of the Bank’s staff coupled with the confidence on the part of our clients and partners, VOLKSBANK managed to lay a robust foundation for its future growth. In the future, we intend to work even harder so that as many people as possible could say, “VOLKSBANK is my bank”.

We are expressing our gratitude to all customers and partners for the trust shown to the Bank, and we are hopeful that our subsequent cooperation will be as effective in years to come!



Head Office:

79000, Lviv,
11 Hrabovskoho St.

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